Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Brewday!

Too bad I was sick today, but brewday has been on the calendar for weeks and I'd already let it slip too long, so went ahead anyway. Dr. DJ provided his usual high level of technical assistance to the point where we knocked out two new batches this evening. This brings us to three (3!) concurrent batches here at the St. Francis brewing coop. It's a new record, and we're near capacity.

nb: still working out the brewery name. I kinda like "Heights Brewing", as it incorporates both the Crown and the Prospect, but I still need to try to incorporate the Slope. Suggestions?

In any case, I made my first solo batch  on Saturday morning. With the two this evening we've got a pale ale, hefeweizen, and amber ale in progress. July's gonna be a great month for beer over here in the Heights. Two new assistants made their debuts this evening, although their nommes de guerre (biere?)  are still in progress - their identities are tbd. 

Janey Law brought over spectacular beef teriyaki on sticks so I fired up the Weber so we could enjoy a post-brew feast. Not a bad way to spend an evening. Not bad at all.

Brewers now in 2nd place. Gah.

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